“I was sent home from the hospital in April of 2017 after a surgery with specific concerns for a big wound(15cm x 7.5cm x 5cm). 

I was sent home without a Wound Vac and I felt desperate to be my own advocate!

I was told by hospital staff that my healing time would probably take up to 4 months.

After I was told this, I was devastated and looking for answers.

A friend heard about this excellent product, ‘Pure&Clean'.

I was introduced to this product and saw firsthand the amazing results of Pure&Clean.

After using Pure&Clean, it was obvious this is an excellent product that keeps the wound clean.

It is non-toxic to your body, and speeds up healing time. It is also very affordable and can be bought locally!

Thanks to Pure&Clean, my life returned to normal much more quickly than expected.

I will forever be grateful to those that helped me with Pure&Clean and especially for the great care I received while using it!

I strongly recommend Pure&Clean Wound Cleanser and the First Aid spray as well!”

- Dianna Duncan Atnip - Patient



“ I was seeing a 102 year old African American female patient and noted she had paronychia on the right middle finger.

The patient was taken to the ED department where the nail removed. She was ordered to soak the finger with half-strength hydrogen peroxide.

The MD was called and I suggested usage of Pure and Clean instead of the hydrogen peroxide to soak the finger.

The wound had shown signs of eschar on the tip of the finger post debridement.

Home health orders were to soak the finger with P&C BID then apply P&C Hydrogel and wrap with a Kling roll.

After 7 days the wound had shown great improvement. BID soaking was only done for 1 week, then daily P&C Hydrogel thereafter.

Within 2 weeks the wound had closed up and a final completion of healing was observed on the 3rd week.

I'm truly impressed with how P&C helped prevent this wound from deteriorating considering the patient has dementia, is 102 years old, and is nutritionally declining.”

- Marilen Cabrera, Home Health Nurse